Based on Nano-technology, we will grow into a unique development and
mass production company for optical materials.

Optically Clear Adhesive & Acrylic Adhesive
Optically Clear Adhesive & Acrylic Adhesive
01.Optically Clear Adhesive

In display devices, various optical films are stacked to compensate for light loss due to refraction or reflection when light encounters layers of different materials.
To enable this, optical adhesive is required, and we provide optical adhesive to meet the diverse requirements of our customers.

Improved Viewability with OCA/OCR
Stress-Strain Curve
02.Acrylic Adhesive

To meet the requiremetnts for slimming, multi-functionality, and improved reliability of display products,
we offer various types of UV-curable adhesives with eco-friendly trends that meet the customer's demands.