Talent Recruitment

Based on Nano-technology, we will grow into a unique development and
mass production company for optical materials.

Personnel System
01.Personnel Principles
  • Talent Management Philosophy
    • Fostering creative and ambitious global talent
    • Develop global talent through collaboration with world-class companies
  • Compensation system
    • We have implemented a performance-based annual salary system for all employees.
  • Performance evaluation system
    • We have implemented a fair and objective performance evaluation system to enhance employee capabilities, and to provide appropriate rewards based on their achievements.
    • Performance evaluation, Competency evaluation
  • Reward system
    • Long service awards
    • Awards for Excellence Proposal
    • Outstanding Employee Awards
02.Organizational Structure
General position
  • Assistant

  • Assistant

  • Manager

  • Deputy
    General Manager

  • General

Research position
  • Assistant

  • Junior

  • Senior

  • Principal

  • Master