Talent Recruitment

Based on Nano-technology, we will grow into a unique development and
mass production company for optical materials.

Welfare Benefits
01.support for a leisurely lifestyle
  • Corporate condo support

    We support designated company vacation spots for members to use

  • Support for club activities

    We provide support to promote employee camaraderie and motivation

  • Refresh vacation support

    We support vacations for members to refresh

02.Support for a stable life
  • Support for life events

    We provide support for life events such as weddings and funerals

  • Employee health checkup

    Health checkups for the health of our members

  • In-house restaurant operation

    Operation of an in-house cafeteriae provide dormitories to support the convenient living of our members

  • Provide gifts for birthdays, childbirth, and first birthdays

    Support congratulatory gifts to share the joy with our members

03.Systematic educational support
  • Job training support

    We provide job training to improve job performance

  • Support for external education expenses.

    We support external education expenses to enhance competitiveness.

  • In-house training

    We support in-house education to help employees adapt to our company.

  • Operation of Cyber Training Center.

    We operate a cyber training center for our members to use.