Based on Nano-technology, we will grow into a unique development and
mass production company for optical materials.

Resin for Imprinting
01.Development and mass production supply of customized imprint resins

For our own developed and commercialized imprint resin, we have succeeded in creating a UV-curable type of resin without a solvent,
which is suitable for the Roll-to-Roll process. It has excellent compatibility with metal stamps and exhibits excellent dimensional stability and reliability,
making it suitable for optical film applications. In addition, our core technology of high-refractive inorganic materials can be applied to AR Glass waveguide

  • Lenticular lens (lens for 3D displays)

  • Diffraction grating (Grating component for optical pickup)

  • Diffusion and viewing angle adjustment structure

  • High-refractive nanoimprint for AR Glass