Based on Nano-technology, we will grow into a unique development and
mass production company for optical materials.

CEO Message
Producing the Various Organic/Inorganic
Electronic Hybrid Materials
through Nanoparticle Synthesis and
Dispersion Technology

To all who visit the ChangKang Chemical website, welcome.
We will strive to become a “Global optical material technology specialist" leading sustainable growth through innovative change and constant effort. Founded in 2007, ChangKang Chemical has grown through continuous R&D efforts and innovation, with over 20% of our employees dedicated to research. As an optical material technology specialist, we produce optical adhesives, thermal curing resins, and nano-imprint resins that have global competitiveness.
We will continue to conduct steady research and development, and strive to become a company with international competitiveness that provides sustainable future value. Thank you for your interest and support.
CEO of ChangKang Chemical